• By Author: marketing_388
  • Date: 11 March 2016

There is a new Service that has the competence to convert the Voicemails to Text messages and / or Emails. It's one of the most expedient technologies available, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to easily check and respond to Voicemail which is Voice-to-text.

With Voicemail-to-text service, you can read your voice messages on your phone anyplace, anytime. You save time, and would be able to respond to it instantly. You have the option to read Voice messages at a glimpse while in meetings and at the same time you can reply, forward, save and retrieve messages simply like email.

There are Companies which provide Voice-to-text Conversion Services which is when you get a voicemail the Automated Software will transcribe it into text and the quality of the Transcripts will vary depending on the caller and the background noise.

There are times when the Transcription Software isn't good enough to transcribe a voicemail. For example, a Voicemail might not be transcribed if the Software detects that the voicemail isn't in English or if there's any background noise.

One of my colleagues had a similar experience which is last year when she attended an Interview and the HR informed that they would call back if she gets shortlisted.

Later she received a Voice-to-text message saying that “We would like to inform you that your kondidatur has been cally fed” she was frustrated because she was unable to understand the content of the message as this is a common issue with automated Voice to Text Conversion.

Most of the Companies use software for their Transcription needs since the Voice Mail to Text service is fully automated the accuracy may be influenced by background noise, audio quality, and speech patterns.

Phone Cloud Hub ensures that the Voice Mail to Text Conversion is 100 % Accurate as it’s a cloud based phone system with Premium Voicemail to Text conversion Service.

Phone Cloud HUB voicemail’s are transcribed by live agents 24x7. The voicemail along with its 100% accurately transcribed text is delivered to your inbox within 3 minutes.

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