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  • Date: 24 April 2017

Companies serving the business sector have had to take a hard look at a lot of monthly costs as more affordable, scalable services have piggybacked the expansion of Internet connectivity and advanced speeds, namely enterprise email systems, in-house servers, and even office space. But unless you’re operating a retail store or otherwise rely on foot traffic to fuel your business, why are you still paying for a traditional business phone system?

Looking at the business realities of today compared to those of even a decade ago is a sharp contrast. While a 10-person company in 2007 might have required all hands on deck, 9-5 shifts and a laser-focus at a static workstation, the technological flexibility and work culture of 2017 won’t tolerate such a stagnant environment – at least not at companies who wish to flourish and attract the best available talent. That’s why companies are shifting away from the traditional office model, allowing employees to work remotely and utilize new services to keep in contact with their supervisors, coworkers, and clients throughout the work day.

A huge advantage to businesses looking to save time and stay focused on important projects is to filter out unnecessary or low priority phone calls and voicemails. Making the switch to a hosted voicemail system can help you accomplish just that. Here’s why doing so makes perfect business sense no matter the size of your organization:

Scalable and Versatile

A hosted phone service is built around a U.S.-based phone number or set of numbers with all services attached, operating in the cloud. That means that if you need to quickly add, remove, or change a number, device, or service, it’s a simple, single step away.

Some hosted phone/voicemail services also offer fast, accurate transcripts of incoming voicemail messages to be viewed on any authorized device – a godsend for busy professionals with limited time to filter through voicemail inboxes.

Location Agnostic

No matter the geographic location of you or your employees, a hosted phone system can redirect calls to cell phones, VoIP systems, or services such as Skype or Whatsapp. This feature is remarkably useful for companies that rely on communications flexibility or have multiple locations around the world. In addition, these services can provide U.S.-based numbers for employees working abroad, ensuring a certain standard of expectation on behalf of your clients and customers.

Cost Effective

Hosted phone systems mean your company no longer needs to invest in phone hardware outside of your existing handsets or cell phones. This makes replacement and maintenance costs basically zero, ensuring your systems are future-proofed and secure from power outages, accidents, or damage.

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