• Posted on: 29 June 2020
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Call centers of every size and scale have the ever-important mandate to decrease call times, increase agent performance, and retain the ability to assist incoming customer calls with high efficiency. Call centers usually receive calls even after working hours. Call centers generally outsource customer assistance to solve the customer queries on time, especially during peak call times in the holiday season or unexpected spikes in call volume.

All the queries of customers are processed by call center agents seamlessly in every call centers at working hours. But call centers will receive calls even after the working hours. Every call received post the working hours is left unanswered. The Important issues that require assistance are not resolved and possible leads are missed by leaving the calls unanswered. The calls received post the working hours often fluctuate in volumes and Recruiting an in house agent to extend working hours is not a cost effective plan.

It’s very hard to extract important customer information from the outsourced customer support due to unreliability and lack of accuracy. A reliable transcription service is crucial to immediately transcribe the voice mail left by the customers after the working hours of call centers with accuracy.

Challenges of Call Centers are comprised of the following:

  • Call centers working hours based on the volume and call received after the working hours are left unanswered.
  • Receive very few calls outside their support hours and its waste of resources to employ staff to manage few unanswered calls.
  • The important queries and problems are overlooked by the calls left unanswered post the working hours.
  • Calls split across the different time intervals, having agents to handle the calls with the result is very less utilization.
  • Divert calls to other location call centers to get only the details and cannot support or do sales due to Language and knowledge of the product or Voice mails.
  • Retrieve the date from Voice mails is painful and time-consuming. It requires a lot of time to analyze all the voicemails to gain the data needed.


Phone cloud Hub:

The cutting-edge technologies of Phone Cloud Hub’s cloud-based voicemail systems can easily handle overflow calls and provide a machine-aided human transcription of every incoming voicemail message, ensuring the call center’s team can quickly and easily delegate important messages to the right agent.

It’s an effective and efficient strategy to transcribe all the voice mail received post working hours to analyze them to turn leads into customers. Not only can a cloud-based voicemail solution decrease the amount of time it takes to process and delegate a customer query, but it can provide call center managers a valuable tool in processing and analyzing incoming call metrics

  • After hour calls diverted to Phone Cloud Hub, All the voicemails are converted to text with the IVR message for quick access.
  • All the unanswered calls are identified and transcribed and analyzed to respond with the solution.
  • All the text messages of the voice mail are loaded to the database and given as leads to teams to initiate appropriate actions.
  • Data readily available for the team to immediately call the customers during their working hours and fix the important query or issues.
  • Retain customers with valuable assistance at the right time with the right solution. Not miss any leads that come during the non-support hours.     


The key benefits that call centers derived from our services were:

  • With Phone Cloud Hub, your voicemail messages will be delivered via email or accessible using our online portal. The original audio recording plus a complete, 100% accurate transcription of the message will be delivered to your mail.
  • Accurate transcripts (98%-100% accuracy)  
  • Reliable, professional transcription services with fast turnaround time.
  • Round the clock availability. No downtime and very responsive 
  • Unprecedented confidentiality using multipronged privacy measures
  • Phone Cloud Hub's virtual voicemail box works with your existing mobile and home/office phones so you never have to purchase, install, or maintain expensive phone hardware
  • Utilizing a cloud-based voicemail transcription service like Phone Cloud Hub for your company’s communications keeps your information secure and in the right hands at all times – even if your phone is lost or stolen.

For overflow considerations, a cloud-based voicemail system is ideal for smaller, startup organizations with limited resources to handle a sudden influx in customer calls. Allowing for incredible flexibility in agent delegation, these systems allow managers to quickly sort through and prioritize important calls from that deemed low-priority. But for larger teams, having the ability to measure the scale and response time of agent callbacks is an invaluable resource.


Phone Cloud HUB is a cloud-based phone system with Premium Voicemail to Text conversion service. Phone Cloud HUB voicemails are transcribed by live agents 24x7. Your voicemail along with its 98.5% accurately transcribed text will be delivered to your inbox within 3 minutes. Perfect for high-volume call centers and busy professionals, your voicemail messages will be readable and searchable from any device you connect.

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