• By Author: sageknox
  • Date: 21 May 2017

In the SaaS era of the Internet economy, there are no shortage of services and tools to help benefit your business’ operations or ongoing strategy. But for bootstrapped startups or those with extreme budgetary limitations, the need for affordable, reliable services that support your company’s growth is more important than ever.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners with an eye toward bigger and better things, a smart, savvy technology strategy can streamline your business as you grow and help avoid any potential pitfalls that come with rapid growth. With a few adjustments to your customer service, communications, and IT strategies, you can keep costs low as your company expands and grows over the next few years. Here are a few ideas and services to help your startup succeed:

Automated Customer Service Software

There’s no shortage of automated or self-serviced customer service solutions on the market today, but companies like ZenDesk, FreshDesk, and others help direct customers to the information they need without bogging down your employees and wasting valuable time. FreshDesk can be integrated with existing email and customer management systems to help organize and prioritize responses to those pressing issues that cannot be solved without your input. You can use it to respond to customer service questions, process returns, and even track communications. Templates can be used to reduce the time it takes to respond to common questions and minimize the amount of time spent with a customer.

Integrated Company-wide Communications

Much has been written about the importance and usefulness of services like Slack and for good reason. Companies that rely on internal communication tools like email, Skype, or phone calls for minor inquiries or status updates should seriously consider a move to Slack. By unifying all internal communications and bringing important alerts to a central dashboard, your team can be more agile, versatile, and in-tune with the daily goings on within your organization.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

There are plenty of valid reasons to consider moving from a standard business phone system, but one is more abundantly clear than any other: cost. It’s understandable that a new startup’s IT budget is basically zero, meaning an order through the phone company for business-level equipment, handsets, and routing boxes is out of the question. Instead, a centralized, hosted phone solution through Phone Cloud Hub can bring costs down to a more reasonable level. With a free 14-day trial, you can utilize a cloud-based, US phone number that helps customers, clients, and partners reach your employees no matter their geographic location. Plus, Phone Cloud Hub provides confidential voicemail transcriptions delivered to your inbox within minutes of receiving a call.


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