Dedicated U.S.-based voicemail number

Choose your dedicated U.S. based local voicemail number, its your number to own for life

The number of your choice can be purchased from a drop-down, which will then be associated with your account for rendering premium voicemail services

Easily configure with your existing phone system

You can power our Premium Voicemail Service in 3 different ways.

1. Share your Phone Cloud Hub number in your website, visiting card etc directly.

2.Forward your landline or mobile calls to your Phone Cloud Hub number.

3. Change your landline or mobile voicemail box number to Phone Cloud Hub number.

You'll sound professional to every caller. And you'll never miss an important call again.

Machine-aided human transcription delivered to you in minutes

Live transcribers quickly convert the voice messages into text over the cloud.

As soon you receive a voicemail, our 24X7 live agents (human transcribers) will listen to voicemail and transcribe them to almost 100% accurate text. Never worry about the quality of the text you would receive, we guarantee premium quality of voicemail service

Receive your transcribed voicemails via email on any device

Read the transcribed messages on your desktop, laptop, mobile or any other device.

Your voicemail text will be delivered to choice of your Inbox, and also be available within your Phone Cloud HUB dashboard. You can read your voicemail on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Windows Phone, etc Anytime, Anyplace.

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