• By Author: admin
  • Date: 26 March 2017

Thanks to the democratization of technology and a renewed entrepreneurial spirit around the world, more and more businesses are getting started as one or two person operations as the business grows and matures. Most small business owners don’t even have physical, regular office space in the early stages, let alone dedicated support staff and administrative capabilities. Without a consistent point of contact to help keep you appraised of important messages throughout the workday, keeping all the wheels turning can be an uphill battle.

Voicemail transcription services have emerged as a vital tool for small business owners on the go, providing contact info and line-by-line readouts of important business voicemails on any device. If you’re an entrepreneur with limited time to sort and act upon your voicemails throughout the day, seeking out a voicemail transcription service could be a huge asset to your young company. Here are just a few examples:

Easy Access

Using a remote transcriber as part of your business voicemail services provides quick, easy access to your company’s voicemails no matter where your work takes you. Any device with email capabilities is your portal to your important voicemails and the accompanying transcribed versions. Plus, if you’re on a conference call, in a meeting, or unable to hear the audio version, you can get the information you need in a text format without any difficulty and within just a few minutes of receiving the call.

Streamlined and Always On

Accessing the transcription of your voicemails is decidedly more effective and efficient than going the old-school route. No more sifting through messages multiple times trying to make out a phone number or email address. The information you need is right there and ready when you are. Plus, if you’re in a meeting or simply don’t have time to go through and determine which messages are important and which can be ignored or left for another time, you can quickly skim through the body of each message in no time.


Professional voicemail transcription services have the knowledge and expertise to know your business data is private and confidential. Automated services will often sell your data to advertisers and on top of that, deliver poor quality results that won’t pass muster in the professional world. Utilizing a cloud-based voicemail transcription service like Phone Cloud Hub for your company’s communications keeps your information secure and in the right hands at all times – even if your phone is lost or stolen.

If you’re curious about making the switch to a reliable voicemail transcription service with best in class turnaround times, give the team at Phone Cloud Hub a call or start your free 14-day trial today.