• By Author: sageknox
  • Date: 8 June 2017

Smart and savvy business owners understand the intricacies of operating a company in today’s economic climate, but there’s one thing every business owner understands when looking to the future: growth is essential. Unfortunately, knowing how and when to pursue that growth and what steps to take to help make it a reality are harder to recognize - often until it’s too late to act. With a little help and strategic advice, however, it’s possible to anticipate opportunities and prepare your employees to act.

Focus on Local

If current digital marketing trends continue, Google will only continue to put forth more effort into refining and ensuring the accuracy and validity of local search results. While Google is only one service, every other major online service your customers use take direction from Big G - no doubt about it. Plus, going out and supporting local business organizations and better contributing to your local economy only drives positive word of mouth.

Prepare for Voice Search

If it seems like there are more voice-activated assistants popping up every other day, it’s because they are. Tech giants are clearly moving away from the traditional user input method (text, hello!) to more natural, effortless techniques. With Siri, Alexa, and Google Home competing for early dominance in the new voice-activated AI market, expect search engines and directories to make moves to optimize for voice-activated searches.

Organize and Strategize - Everyday

An organized office is an efficient office, but unless you’re always looking for opportunities to move forward, your business may not last that far into the future. Be sure your team is on the same page and working through issues with minimal conflict (apps like Slack and Dialpad help wrangle remote employees), but be sure to also include your top talent in future navel-gazing that will guide your company forward.

Strive to Improve Your Customer Service

A tragic and frustrating trend to the modern digital economy is the outsourcing of customer service systems to email or online-input only solutions. While it’s certainly cost-effective and easy to configure, it sacrifices an important interaction for companies in their earliest stages: up close and personal with your early adopters. No matter your business, trade, or product, if you have disappointed customers and your team isn’t getting that feedback, there’s not much point in moving forward.

Utilize Modern Technology

Tools like Phone Cloud Hub, Slack, Hubspot, and Trello provide businesses on a budget with expert-level service for advanced technologies. Combining communication, asset sharing, and time management on top of your analytics and tracking tools is a huge boon to businesses of any size, regardless of industry. If you’re not taking advantage, you’re missing out.

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