• By Author: marketing_388
  • Date: 27 June 2016

Eliminate the hassles of Voicemail

Attorneys, the world  over have to rely  on a wide variety of materials as evidence in  courts of  Law and   voicemail has become an inevitable   one among  them. Automatically transcribed Voicemail   is accepted already as “ voicemail in e-mail  form” in the Federal court of law of  USA and many other nations as legally valid evidence.

But the lawyers   face   quite a few hurdles in fully making use of   such rulings In the first place, it’s an uphill task retrieving the audio files from a stack pile of emails. Secondly, accuracy in authentication is a vital issue in utilizing   voice mail as a credible material for legal validation. Unnecessary circumstantial   disturbances   such as background noise, mumbling voice etc in   voice Mailing is yet another issue.  

According to Google’s own admission, which is a major player in Automated   voice mailing   services,  “These are not perfect and the automated voicemailing software needs to be improved a lot .”   Thus lawyers still   face many an  obstacle in  this regard as, voicemail as evidence often gets rejected on  grounds   of  being   “Non perfect”.

A solution tailor made for Attorneys by Phone Cloud Hub.

All the above as deterrents of voicemail   will   be a thing of the past.  And   it’s   time to bid  ‘Goodbye’ to automated transcription for good! Now has  been replaced by accurate delivery of  the message.  This new innovation, the wonderful blend of Technology and human brilliance Is  making that possible.

And the large pool of well experienced transcriptionists add that perfect human touch to your voicemail here at Phone Cloud Hub in just  3 minutes on receiving the voicemail. The revolutionary development is bound to bring enormous relief to the professional community of  lawyers as a whole.

Accuracy in transcription and Fast Turnaround time  of 3 minutes are the Cutting edge features of Phone Club Hub. On top of that here we attach utmost importance to confidentiality which is paramount to the lawyers. Our long  list of  reputed clients will vouch for the same.