• By Author: sageknox
  • Date: 13 February 2018

If you’re an iPhone user, you know the benefits - and downsides - of using the device’s built-in virtual voicemail system. Ideally, you’ll get a readout of what was said in the voicemail without having to dial into your voicemail box, but you also know the lack of accuracy and occasional “Virtual Voicemail is Currently Unavailable” message that seems to pop up without warning.

Plenty of other voicemail services exist to pick up the slack, but none approach 100% accuracy with a truly automated solution. A popular service on Android, PC/Mac, and iPhone is Google Voice, which offers a VoIP platform for businesses seeking an extra phone line, handle high call volumes, and to get an automated readout of their voicemail messages. However, for businesses seeking timely, accurate results without having to go in and listen to every voicemail in their inbox, there’s a significant advantage in finding human-aided transcription services as part of a premium voicemail solution. Here’s why:

Affordable and Scalable

Starting at just $9.99 a month, premium voicemail-to-text inboxes provide a best-in-class virtual voicemail experience without breaking the bank. Perfect for the self-employed professional or small business owner with limited time and resources, your voicemails will be perfectly transcribed and available across all your devices.

Best-in-Class Accuracy and Fast Voicemail-to-Text

There’s nothing like having a complete verbatim readout of your voicemail messages (you already know the pain of an incomplete transcription that tends to miss important details like proper names, phone numbers, and company titles). With a premium voicemail-to-text solution, you and your team can enjoy best-in-class transcriptions curated and edited by professional transcriptionists who adhere to non-disclosure agreements, ensuring your privacy and confidential business information.

Easily Searchable Results

Have you ever had a slew of voicemails you had to sort through yet again to find the contact information of a caller or find a specific detail they provided in their message? With written transcriptions of your business voicemail inbox, you’ll never have to listen to dozens of voicemails again - simply search for your needed information and voila! It appears instantly and easily legible on any device.

Access Your Voicemails from Any Device

Today’s modern workplace means a handful of devices, platforms, and methodologies. Whether you’re hunkered down at your primary workspace, on your way to visit a client or customer, or simply taking a day working remotely or at home, you’ll have access to every pertinent business voicemail by utilizing a premium voicemail solution. Using a web portal, you’ll have a clear readout of every incoming voicemail message and can search for relevant information without digging out your smartphone.

Unlimited Storage

Carrier-based voicemail systems are woefully out of date in today’s digital, cloud-based age. There’s a sinking feeling of obsolescence when you call a number, wait through the series of dial tones, and hear “this user’s voicemail box is full.” With a premium voicemail provider, your voicemails will never fill up, allowing you to preserve them for posterity’s sake and access their contents for as long as you want or need.

Online Voicemail Management

Sorting through and organizing your voicemail inbox isn’t nearly as easy as doing the same with your email account. With an online portal that allows you to access and organize all of your organization’s voicemail messages, you’ll be able to easily and quickly sort through your old, spam, or irrelevant voicemail messages and keep your important messages preserved until you no longer need them.

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