• By Author: sageknox
  • Date: 22 October 2017

Call centers of every size and scale have the ever-important mandate to decrease call times, increase agent performance, and retain the ability to assist incoming client and customer calls with high efficiency - but of course, that’s much easier said than done. The technological aspect of ensuring your system can handle and properly sort through queries is difficult enough, let alone the human and logistical implications toward that goal. Even VoIP-based solutions are imperfect and inconsistent, resulting in dropped calls, laggy quality, and a reliability that’s anything but perfect. However, implementing a cloud-based voicemail system to your existing call center infrastructure could be the solution your team has been seeking. Here’s why:

Easier Delegation

With cutting-edge voice-to-text technologies, cloud-based voicemail systems can easily handle overflow calls and provide a machine-aided human transcription of every incoming voicemail message, ensuring your team can quickly and easily delegate important messages to the right agent. Especially useful during peak call times during the holiday season or during unexpected spikes in call volume, this feature can prove invaluable for managers and operation heads in your organization by decreasing response times and increasing agent morale by ensuring their workflow isn’t disrupted by a sudden surge in customer calls.

Better Insights and Analysis

Not only can a cloud-based voicemail solution decrease the amount of time it takes to process and delegate a customer query, but it can provide call center managers a valuable tool in processing and analyzing incoming call metrics. By seeing the number of voicemail messages versus the response times, you can better determine the efficacy of agents and your organization in general. This allows you to compare and contrast incoming call volume with agent performance and delegate future calls appropriately, ensuring better organization flow and functionality as your company grows and changes.

Good for Small Teams, Better for Big Ones

For overflow considerations, a cloud-based voicemail system is ideal for smaller, startup organizations with limited resources to handle a sudden influx in customer calls. Allowing for incredible flexibility in agent delegation, these systems allow managers to quickly sort through and prioritize important calls from those deemed low-priority. But for larger teams, having the ability to measure the scale and response time of agent callbacks is an invaluable resource. With this data, organizations can better plan for expansion and measure peak calls against the expected standards, allowing for more insightful organizational response to future hiring increases.

For smaller organizations still relying on third-party call centers to handle incoming customer calls, a cloud-based voicemail solution can provide incredible insights into response rates and agent efficacy - an invaluable metric when considering taking on an in-house team versus continuing reliance on a third-party provider. And with flexible voicemail and call-forwarding technologies, your team can stay abreast of any potential issues with a call center provider while maintaining control of important calls that should be delegated to a dedicated team member. This allows smaller teams to stay agile and economical without having to invest in a wide-ranging solution that may not make financial sense in the short-term.

Improved First-Contact Resolution

If you’ve ever spent time on hold or in a large organization’s call queue, you know the frustration in getting someone to talk to - let alone finding the right person to help you with your problem. With a cloud-based voicemail solution that provides voice-to-text services, managers can quickly see the issue presented and forward the ticket to the appropriate agent, therefore reducing first-contact resolution metrics that will help set your organization toward better customer relations.

Reduce Agent Attrition

In a call center environment, it's normal for spikes to occur with little or no warning until you’ve gained a certain understanding of your customer’s usage habits and increased sales periods. During surges, your agents likely see the number of incoming or pending calls waiting to be answered, making for a sense of insurmountable work and tedium not suited to every employee’s tendencies. By improving the quality and relevancy of their calls, a cloud-based voicemail system can improve the quality of the daily grind and help improve agent morale - even during high-volume call periods.

Better Insight into KPIs

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know the importance of measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) when considering agent efficacy and overall productivity throughout your organization. With a cloud-based voicemail solution, call center managers can quickly evaluate the following over a given period of time:

  • Abandon rates
  • Cost per call
  • Queue time
  • Call completion rate
  • Number of first call resolutions

These insights can prove invaluable when considering the efficacy and performance of a call center, let alone an entire organization. In a world where a viral social media post about a poor customer call center experience can send a company reeling, knowing your weak points and making efforts to improve your shortcomings could be the difference between continued success and utter failure.

Eliminate Avoidable or Spam Calls Entirely

Having a publicly-available customer support number is a blessing and a curse, but with the onset of low-hanging fruit spam call campaigns, the time wasted in fielding worthless calls is never as avoidable as it is now. A cloud-based voicemail-to-text service allows managers to delete and avoid time-wasting spam or irrelevant phone calls, therefore improving your team’s performance and reducing operational waste in a single blow.

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