• By Author: marketing_388
  • Date: 2 February 2017

Voice mail revolutionized telecommunications when it was first introduced in the 1970s. The ability to leave lengthy, detailed messages in a secure environment enhanced the flow of communications and businesses saved a lot of money. However, a lot has changed since then, especially the way we do business. There were a growing number of instances where timely access to voice mail was difficult, inconvenient or just not possible.

Read your Voice Mail

While this was happening, voice transcription services were expanding into several new domains. Today, there is an easy way to ensure that you do not miss important calls in your voicemail even if you don’t have access to it: You can now get your voicemails transcribed and have them delivered to your e-mail inbox.

Whenever, you receive a voicemail, it is transcribed and sent to your e-mail. You can read your voice messages whenever you log into your inbox. You can now receive and respond to important ‘calls’ even when closeted in a meeting where phones have to be silent. Or you can read them whenever you routinely open your mail without separately tapping into your voice mailbox.

Voicemail transcription is a relatively new discipline. It is so popular that all advanced versions of smart phones are including it as a standard feature. However, the transcription is done by voice recognition software, which has its own limitations and consequently, low accuracy. Reading digitally generated text can be frustrating, especially if important information has been lost in transcription. Moreover, not everyone changes their smart phones often.

The Human Element

No technology can replace humans when it comes to textual accuracy. Voicemail transcription works best when the entire process, from accessing your voice mailbox, transcribing your calls and delivering them to your e-mail is efficiently managed. Voice message transcription services like Phone Cloud HUB use intelligent human power to transcribe your calls with 100% accuracy. The transcripts are immediately delivered to the e-mailbox of your choice.

Phone Cloud HUB uses human beings or live agents to transcribe your voice messages to text. A human voicemail to text service gives your professionalism a new dimension: you will no longer miss any calls and can respond in better time. Our premium voicemail transcription service allows you to purchase any U.S. local number on our website, which is yours for the lifetime of your account.

It is simple to acquire and share your new Phone Cloud HUB number with all your clients and stakeholders. It can be accessed on your desktop, laptop, iPhone, MAC, iPad, Android phone and any phone with Windows. It will also be available on the dashboard of the Phone Cloud HUB website.                                      

You can make sure that the Phone Cloud HUB’s voicemail to text service optimally works for you before you make a commitment. Try our premium service for 14 days absolutely free. Sign-up for your free trial now and discover a new assurance.