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  • Date: 6 March 2017

Every new technology is a boon and marks the progress of mankind. Yet, it is only after more and more people start using the innovation does some of its weaknesses become apparent. Though the hitches in no way detract from the overall usefulness of the technology, they become the mothers of invention. Time for another innovation.

Needle in a Haystack

Voicemail was one such innovation that revolutionized telecommunications by enabling people to leave detailed messages when the call could not be answered. Calls would never go missing again. Or would they? As messages pile up in the voice mailbox, it can get quite difficult to filter them to find a specific message or piece of information. The subscriber has to listen through all of the messages, which can be time consuming and frustrating. Or the message may have been inadvertently deleted.

Fortunately, for those who need to be on top of their game, voice transcription services have expanded into several domains. Now, voicemail to text conversion is an economic and efficient way to access your voicemail, especially if you need to keep track of many calls. Voicemail transcription services convert your voicemail to text using professional transcribers. The text is referenced and sent to your selected e-mail account. Now you can easily access information.

Search for Voicemail Text

The whole point is that all your calls, suitably referenced, should appear in front of you as matter of routine. You can then swiftly refer to the subject matter and attend to them in order of priority. That is precisely what Phone Cloud HUB empowers you to do. Phone Cloud HUB is a Cloud based Phone System that uses intelligent human power to transcribe your voice messages with 98.5% accuracy. The transcripts are then sent to your registered e-mail.

It is extremely convenient to access a voicemail or search for some information contained in it as text is easily searchable. Users can use the search feature within our portal, or their own inbox and search for the voicemail required with simple keywords, which can just be the phone number.

Missed Calls: Missed Opportunities

Voicemail is an undeniable part of our everyday lives, but it is painfully evident that it is less than reliable as a voice message storing medium. Failing to have listened to a voice message on time can be like not answering the door when opportunity knocks. There is no prior indication of the calls that have been recorded and they can only be replayed in chronological order.

Screening through a voice mailbox can be a tiresome process, especially if one is pressed for time. It is not a seamless experience; there can be frequent interruptions or it may become difficult for you to keep track of important calls while you are searching. It is easy to get side-tracked by other messages you listen to first. You might temporarily give it more importance than the call you were searching for and fail to respond to it in time. It might be a business deal, a call from a handsome hunk you were waiting to hear from, or a friend who had an extra ticket to the sold out premium league match.

A professional voicemail message transcription service ensures that you will no longer miss any calls, can access your messages speedily and respond to them in much better time. Not only does it preserve your opportunity, it makes you look more professional.