• By Author: marketing_388
  • Date: 1 April 2016

Voicemail allow businesses to efficiently route calls, but your clients may not see competence in the same way your business does.

People working in different sectors are really tired of listening to their voicemails as it is time consuming and most of them don’t have time. A recent survey suggested that people prefer voice to text messages as they feel more comfortable in reading the messages at their leisure time and they can avoid unnecessary calls if they want to.

We can relate to the difficulty in responding to the voicemail messages, since most of us spend much of the day away from home. It’s true that retrieving a voicemail may take one’s time and moreover, nobody is ready to listen to a solid sixty-second recording of a one-sided conversation.

With Voicemail-to-Text services, you can read your voice messages on your phone anyplace, anytime. You save time and would be able to respond to it instantly.

You have the option to read voice messages at a glimpse while in meetings and at the same time you can reply, forward, save, and retrieve messages simply like emails.

Using Voicemail-to-Text services saves time as reading voice messages is much faster than listening to the calls and the text delivery guarantees that you get the text message anywhere, anytime.

Look through your voicemail texts and choose the most important messages first as you don’t have to listen to all of your voicemails to find out if it’s an important call.

There is no need to record vital information such as phone numbers, names, and addresses as these details will be noted down. So it is easy to find such vital information.