• By Author: admin
  • Date: 27 July 2016

 In order to overcome the shortcomings of   Voicemail system, voice recognition software is tried. But on several occasions,   you must have felt tired and annoyed   at   your   automated voicemail transcription services, which produce poor and   less   accurate   texts  of your voicemails, isn't it?

Its mainly because the voice recognition software can’t have contextual   understanding   of what’s spoken. Apart from this various other factors, such as background noise etc, add  to this to make it untrustworthy solution to counter the drawbacks of Voicemail system. Of course, message   through voicemails mostly would be short in duration. For instance, an intimation for business transaction worth thousands of dollars, could contain hardly a few phrases. 

But any inability   to make out   the context of what’s spoken, would only make it nothing but a bundle of nonsensical words, proving disastrous. Here at Phone Cloud Hub, your voicemails get converted in to text not by automated means. But here its done by intelligent human beings. They can follow various accents, manage background noise, won’t miss phone numbers, names of persons etc.  

Your voicemails are transcribed by our expert transcribers, with exclusive experience in transcribing a wide variety of audio files. We have unflinching   faith in the capability of fusion of technology and human ability, as that   only will help to achieve perfection. In line with the same, our team of livewire, live agents work 24*7 here and make   this possible. Maintaining   complete confidentiality is our core motto. Similarly,  ensuring   the delivery of the message with 100%  accuracy  is yet another towering strength of Phone Cloud Hub. Call or email us to avail Phone Cloud Hub's flawless voicemail to text conversion services.